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Texting while driving


There are many people out there who truly understand the dangers of texting while driving, but still, they texting to their friends or family while driving. You will never dare to send text messages while driving if you aware that how many people have died from texting while driving. Texting is not only press and send the message, it also means that do not read any incoming messages.

The world has now become more and more advance. You are not are not encourage to use WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Facebook message, SMS (Short Message Sending) or email while driving. All these things could increase distraction and drivers may not even see any incoming cars or objects that could bring danger to them. It is one of the 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving.

The dangers of texting while driving

A study using driving simulator showed that at least 37% of people found texting are something very distracting. Distraction is the most dangerous thing texting can bring to you. Why we say so? Malaysiaminilover.com has done some simple test in a big empty car park with few people to observe drivers who perform texting and driving at the same time. Here are some of the conclusions.

Emergency brake.  Texting could make you lost concentration. Often, you will lose concentration regarding the distance between your own car and the car in front. This may result your car is getting too close to the car in front and over the limited range. In case the car in front performs an emergency brake, you will not able to brake on time and accident will happen if you are texting. What if you are running on highway with the speed around 100km/h? No matter is iPhone or Smartphone with ‘qwerty’ keypads, you shouldn’t text and drive.

Wrong direction. The journey requires a left turn 200m in front. “Beep Beep”, a message has reached your phone. You pick it up and read the message. Very fast the car has reach the turn point and you just noticed it, now you make all the best efforts to make the left turn in high speed. Once the car turn, “Bang!”. That’s the dangers of texting while driving, but many people still doing it.

The car speed is getting faster. This result is out of our expectation. A driver is having too much distraction while texting. His foot step on the gas paddle heavier without his noticed. Imagine that you are on highway with the speed limit of 80km/h, but your speed increase while you texting to your friend. What it will be? Also, when a person texting, he or she will definitely fall into the conversation and sometime could even forget that he or she is driving. This is 100% not safe. Today’s WhatsApp can even send free images of what are you doing, so are you going to send a picture of you driving to someone else?

How many people have died from texting while driving?

There are more than we can count from United Statesto Far East in Japan. However, there are few notable people who died from texting while driving. Remember the famous plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills Doctor Frank Ryan? He was died in an accident on August 16, 2010. The main reason is texting when driving his 1995 Jeep Wrangler and the car fall off a cliff in CA.

Driving is not only restricted to car, but to motorcycle, van, trucks, pickups, or even train. There is a case happened in May 2009, a young driver Aiden Quinn texting his girlfriend while driving the train and cause an accident happened. The reports said there were 46 injuries and luckily no death.

If you have ever watch the 2010 movie “Unstoppable”, you will 100% understand that why we shouldn’t even use our phone or any electronics while driving. In conclusion, you can do texting while fishing, but not texting while driving any kind of vehicles.


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