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Driving Safety Tips: 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving


No matter what kind of cars you are driving, learn these driving safety tips and get to know the 10 things you shouldn’t do while driving. There are too many car accidents happened because of human’s mistake while not the technical error of the car. Often it is because of driver not concentrate enough when driving or driver was distract by many other things. Therefore, keep these 10 driving safety tips in mind no matter where you go.

1. NO texting while driving

Texting while driving is what most of the people do today when the technology is getting more and more easy. Many people could do texting and driving at the same time, yeah, they feel they are great, one hand hold the steering wheel and another hold the phone. SMS is the most common in the past few years, but today, there are even WhatsApp, Twitter, or Viber. This has also proved that why the car accident rates in the past is lower.

2. Drunk driving only will kill you

Don’t drive when drunk and don’t drunk if you know you are going to drive. Keep this in mind and let your knowledge control yourself, not the alcohol to control you. You could end up wasted your life with drunk driving.

3. Watch the driving distance

Drive in the right distance. It means don’t follow a car too close. Always keep a distance where you have time and space for emergency braking. If there is any car follow you too close, signal to the side and let them go. Driving on the street to go for work or school ain’t car racing. You get nothing even you win.

4. Don’t always think that you are right

Yes sometimes it is your way, but if there is a car goes into your way by mistake, slow down your car and let them go. You win nothing by challenging him to grab “your way”.

5. Do not focus too much on the GPS

Driving directions is important, but if you focus too much on the GPS system, you may lose your focus on driving. Try to use the sound mode on the GPS where it will tell you where to turn left or right. Otherwise, learn the route before you start your journey to at least keep in mind that how to reach the destination.

6. Plan your trip, don’t rush

Estimate the driving time between the cities you want to go. Today’s GPS system can roughly tell you the driving time by keying in the two cities. Rushing will not bring any benefits to you.

7. No loud music

This is one of the driving safety tips you must listen. Listening to Linkin Park’s song with good sound systems in car is perfect, but music lovers have to be really careful. Listening to loud music will distract you and sometimes you may imagine you are standing on stage while actually you are driving. You may not even see anything that comes to you.

8. iPad in the car

As we all know iPad can do many things. It can be a GPS, it can be a stereo, it can be a television, and it can be a mini office. All these can be used in your car with the help of iPad car mount. Do not play around with these when driving especially in heavy traffic. iPhone or iPod either.

9. Do not talk phone

This has often caused the accident happen. Although you may use hands free, but conversation between one and another will distract the driving. We are not computers. Multi-tasking will affect our brain no matter how strong you are. Just like Chess player couldn’t concentrate to play the game well if someone is talking to him.

10. Winter driving safety tips

During winter time or cold time, if the temperature (heat) inside the car is higher than outside, the windscreen may blur up and driver may not be able to see the way. Learn the car dashboard symbols. There is a button where you can press and the AC blower will blow to the windscreen to make it cold so that it will not blur up. This is the main function of the switch for winter time or during cold day.

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