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Driving barefoot


One legged driving, driving with only socks, no-shoes driving, or driving barefoot is not illegal in most of the states, but it is not recommended. The question here is, why need to drive a car or any vehicles with barefoot? When we do a research for 50 guys and 50 girls student, the result surprisingly shows that more girls tend to drive with barefoot.

Why girls like to barefooted?

Well, the main reason most of the girls prefer to drive barefoot because they wear high heels most of the time. Driving in high heels may look sexy but not practical. All the car pedals have good grips and usually these grips have patterns, linings, and some have small holes. It could be dangerous if the high heels stuck with the pedals and accident could happen. Therefore, most of the girls with high heels prefer driving barefoot than driving with high heels. However, this could be solved by preparing proper driving footwear under the driver seats. You can change the shoe and drive safely. See top 10 driving safety tips you should know.

Driving with flip flops or sandals

Some people keep a pair of flip flops or sandals under the driver seat. They change to flip flops when driving. From our study, this is because it is “easier” and more “relax” to drive in flip flops. It is legal as long as the foot is able to control the pedals at anytime.

The dangers of driving barefoot

Some of the opinions said “It doesn’t matter what you wear or barefoot as long as you can drive and control the car properly”. Often, it is dangerous in some situation if you drive with barefoot. For some cars, the pedals are covered with rubbers. The threads on the car pedals will wear out over time. Driving barefoot will increase the possibilities where bare feet slip off the car pedals especially when the pedals is wet during raining days. This will also increase the risk of an accident because the drivers unable to stop the car when his or her feet slip off the brake pedals. Besides, some cars pedals are wide and elevated above the car floor and often this type of setting increase the chances of bare feet flip off the pedals.

driving barefoot
In conclusion, whether it is legal or illegal, one legged driving, driving with improper footwear, or driving barefoot is not recommended except you are driving a toy car.


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