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Most Popular and Hottest Car Colors

There was once a friend told me that car colors represent certain meaning. I don’t really believe that until I passed by a car enthusiast’s house and I saw 5 same Ferrari models in different colors and all of them are the most popular and hottest car colors. My eye was stunt and I noticed that the owner will choose the car to drive to match what he wears on particular day. For some wealthy car enthusiasts, buy one same car model in different colors may no longer something weird.

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Build a kit car

Here are your delicious steps on how to build a kit car with nice body kit and tips on how to build a high quality drivable kit car in cheapest way. Building kit cars is totally different from buying a car where you just buy and drive. It requires patience, time, and budget to create a real nice car. There are many kits available for everything such as 4 wheels cars, 3 wheel cars, muscle cars, sports cars, exotic cars, and many more. First of everything is choosing what you …

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California: car insurance rights to chose own body repair

Here is the information for California car insurance rights to choose own body repair if there is any car accident happen in California. If you wish to choose your own body repair shop you will have to read through the car insurance rights in California. Off course and the answer is yes, you can choose your own body repair shop. Here we shared you 3 easy steps to deal with the insurance company.

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Smart car body kits

Smart car body kits are available here. If you looking for real nice car body kits for Smart with reasonable price, this one of the best place you should drop by. There are several types of body kits available for all Smart cars ever since the first Smart car was introduce in 1998 as Smart City-Coupe & City Cabrio. The body kits also cover Smart Fortwo, Crossable, Roadster, and Forfour.