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California: car insurance rights to chose own body repair


Here is the information for California car insurance rights to choose own body repair if there is any car accident happen in California. If you wish to choose your own body repair shop you will have to read through the car insurance rights in California. Off course and the answer is yes, you can choose your own body repair shop. Here we shared you 3 easy steps to deal with the insurance company.

The car insurance rights in California states allow you to choose which body repair shop you prefer. This is because car insurance companies often make deals with chosen body repair shop to use cheap old junk cars part. If there is any accident happen, follow these steps to run through a hassle free insurance claim.

1. Choose your own body repair

Car insurance company usually will send investigator or insurance adjuster to check out your car. There will be a list of body repair panel given to you and you can choose the body repair panel you prefer to go. Other than that, you can always choose the body repair shop you want even it is not in the given list. It is recommended to visit your state’s department of insurance website to find out which is the best for you.

2. Insurance claim policy

Make sure the insurance adjuster give you a list of what to repair under the insurance policy so that you do not have to pay a single cent.

3. Go to the body repair shop

Once you have know which body repair shop to go, ask them the period of time they need to repair your car and leave your car there. In conclusion, in California state, you have the rights to choose any auto repair shop you prefer in the law. That is how you can have your own car insurance rights to chose own body repair works.
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