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High Amp Car Batteries

You should have learnt more about car batteries if you are looking for high amp car batteries. First ask yourself, what is the purpose of getting a high amp car battery? Generally, you don’t need high amp car battery for your car. If the old battery needed a replacement, you can always buy a new battery that has the same size and same amp amount with 12 volt output. The easiest way is to bring the old battery to any car battery store or WalMart and get a new one.

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What size battery does my car take?

What size battery does my car take? What size battery do I need for my car? What is the best car battery for my car? Can I upgrade my car battery to bigger size? Can I downgrade my car battery to smaller size? Car manufacturers always suggest consumer to use the recommend battery size written in the user’s manual when the battery needs to be replaced. However, many of us do not know how car battery replacement work and here are some guides to choose the right battery size for …

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Hybrid Car Batteries

There are two types of hybrid car batteries which are commonly used in most of the hybrid cars on the market today. These two hybrid car batteries are nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery. There are many reasons why nickel metal hydride and lithium ion was chosen as an alternative power for hybrid cars other than gasoline. See the top 10 reasons why these two types of batteries were chosen and the information for these batteries.

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Lithium batteries for hybrid cars

Have you ever wonder why most of the car manufacturers use lithium batteries for hybrid cars? The main reason why lithium-ion batteries were used in hybrid cars is because the technology allows hybrid cars to travel farther when it turns into electric mode. Other than hybrid cars, lithium-ion battery is also widely used in notebooks and mobile phones.

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Walmart car batteries

Can I buy car batteries from Walmart? Yes off course you can because Walmart offers few types of car batteries. Walmart car batteries give lots of advantages that others don’t. For example, Walmart provide free installation for the battery if you purchase any car batteries from Walmart. You can also trade in your old battery at the same time for recycle purpose.

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Electric Car Batteries

Here is the list of electric car batteries available for sales in the market. Read the review of these electric car batteries and find the best battery that suitable for your electric cars or any electric car conversions project. Three main types of batteries for electric cars are Lithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel metal. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.