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Can I buy car batteries from Walmart? Yes off course you can because Walmart offers few types of car batteries. Walmart car batteries give lots of advantages that others don’t. For example, Walmart provide free installation for the battery if you purchase any car batteries from Walmart. You can also trade in your old battery at the same time for recycle purpose.

There are many car accessories stores and shops selling car batteries, why Walmart? There are many reasons why we suggest you to go for Walmart batteries. See also: Antique car battery, 6 Volt Car Battery, and Electric Car Batteries.

Why buy Walmart car batteries?

  • Walmart car battery prices are considered as one of the cheapest. Sometimes it is the cheapest car batteries you can find in the market from $30 to $140 dollars. You can compare the price with another two low-cost stores such as Target and Kmart.
  • Free installation for new battery. You don’t have to worry about Car battery replacement.
  • Walmart provide battery check for free.
  • If your battery terminal is spoilt, Walmart has it for just $5.00.
  • Free charge for all the battery purchased from any Wal-Mart.
  • All car batteries sell in Walmart comes with warranty. Some is up to 3 years free replacement warranty.

Well, buying car batteries from Wal-Mart gives you lots of convenience because their stores are all across the country. However, some small stores are unlike big stores, some of the car batteries sometimes have been sitting in the stores for awhile. However, every car battery sell in Walmart has stickers on them telling the manufactured date of the battery. Therefore, check properly before you buy it. That’s the only small problem we notice about Walmart car batteries.


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