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What size battery does my car take?


What size battery does my car take? What size battery do I need for my car? What is the best car battery for my car? Can I upgrade my car battery to bigger size? Can I downgrade my car battery to smaller size? Car manufacturers always suggest consumer to use the recommend battery size written in the user’s manual when the battery needs to be replaced. However, many of us do not know how car battery replacement work and here are some guides to choose the right battery size for your cars.

Car battery size or car battery group size refers to the dimension of the battery, which is the length x height x width. Battery makers manufacture different size of car batteries because different cars have different battery tray. You must find the exact battery size that best fit to the battery tray securely. Too big is impossible while too small is impractical.

Check out the owner’s manual and there will be a page to tell you the specific battery group size of your car. If you have lost it (it’s alright, many people lost their owner’s manual), you can download it from the internet. Otherwise, consult car accessories shop, auto stores, spare parts shop, or mechanic to find out the appropriate battery size for the car. The easiest way is to take the old battery to auto parts store and get a new one!

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Car Battery Sizes

BCI Dimensions (LxWxH) Details Car Sample
75 230 x 179 x 196 Fits most of the mid-size cars and compact cars.
65 306 x 190 x 192 Mostly for large cars, trucks, or SUVs. Large-size Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury.
35 230 x 175 x 225 Mostly for Japanese cars including latest HondaToyotaNissanSubaruMitsubishiMazda, and among others. Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic
34 260 x 173 x 200 Mostly Chrysler cars
34/78 254 x 175 x 198 For most of the Chrysler cars and GM‘s pickups, SUVs, large sedans from 1996-2000.
24/24F 260 x 173 x 225 Fits many Acura, Honda, InfinitiLexus, Nissan, and Toyota cars.

Table of Battery Council International group size (BCI) and some car sample

Many cars battery tray can accommodate more than one group size. You can change the battery size if the Cold cranking amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC) are the same as what your car requires. Make sure both of the terminal posts are on the correct side too.

Car Battery


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