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You should have learnt more about car batteries if you are looking for high amp car batteries. First ask yourself, what is the purpose of getting a high amp car battery? Generally, you don’t need high amp car battery for your car. If the old battery needed a replacement, you can always buy a new battery that has the same size and same amp amount with 12 volt output. The easiest way is to bring the old battery to any car battery store or WalMart and get a new one.

However, in some situation, we do need high amp batteries. For example, some extra electronic equipment that require higher amp is added to the car. Amplifier with high amp, sound systems with many extra speakers, neon lights that make the car look cool at night, in-car television, and among others that require higher amp that what the original car needed.

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A standard car battery is roughly has 45 Amp Hours (AH). 45 AH means the battery will supply ~4.5 Amps for 10 hours or more than 2 Amps for 20 hours. Generally, a standard car with 45 AH battery will not use over 4.5 Amps an hour for all the equipment in the car. Do take note that short circuit could happen when the car starter motor is cranked. In many cases the car battery delivers up to 300 Amps and destroys most of the electronics in the car and caused misfire in worst case.

Although most of the car batteries are 12 volt, it will start out at about 12.9 volts and it could holds around 13.8 volts when it is fully charged or during the car is running in high speed. High speed cause the alternator spins faster and charge the battery faster. However, alternator is the part in your car that powers the rig when the car is running. It will only charge the battery if the battery is weak. If a car is not running for few days, the battery power could crop to about 11 volts. New battery will hold the power better compared to battery with longer age.

You can find heavy duty, high amp car batteries in the market with roughly 50 to 80 AH. Car battery brand like Odyssey provide many range of batteries from deep cycle capacity to heavy duty. Odyssey PC1220, PC1230, PC1400, PC1500, PC1750, and PC2150 are some of the batteries with over 1000 amps of cranking power. The number usually represents the amps of cranking power. For example, PC2150 has 2150 amps of cranking power. See also: Antique car battery, car battery sizes, and what size battery does my car take?

Stinger SPP2250 Car Audio 5000A Deep Dry Cell Battery

The Stinger SPP2250 is highly recommended for custom cars modified with audio system that requires high amp. Stinger SPP2250 is a heavy-duty battery and often refer to the most powerful mobile audio battery in the world. It has the reserve capacity up to 273 minutes and short circuit current of 5000 amps. Some of the details are:

  • PHCA: 2,250 amps at 80 F (5 seconds)
  • PCCA: 1,420 amps at 0 F(5 seconds)
  • Watts: 6,000
  • Amp Hours: 120

Optima High Amp Car Batteries

Other than Odyssey, here is the top three types of Optima car batteries with high amp which has more than 50 Amp Hours.

  • Optima D34/78 – 55 Amp Hours
  • Optima D31T – 75 Amp Hours
  • Optima D31A – 75 Amp Hours

If you have added amplifier or anything that need to draw more power from the car battery, a good way to know whether you need to change or upgrade your car battery is to check whether the car lights are dimmer when the amplifier is on. If it is, you will need high amp batteries. Also, do not forget to change better battery connectors if the upgrade is huge.


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