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Toyota Aqua launched in Japan as the smallest Toyota’s hybrid

The Toyota Aqua launched in Japan on Monday after its first debut at the Tokyo Motor Show about one month ago. The Aqua is also known as Toyota Prius C outside Japan and it will be available in the U.S in 2013. It is a four-door hatchback that is seems to be the biggest competitor for the Honda Fit. The Aqua is currently the smallest Toyota hybrid car in the market.
What about the performance? The Aqua is powered by a 1.5 liter engine rated at 72 hp and a 45 …

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Honda Civic Hybrid battery replacement

How much does Honda Civic hybrid battery replacement cost? Honda Civic Hybrid has been one of the top choices for hybrid cars since it was introduced. Many people chase after this car due to its quality and high ratings from many car reviews professionals. The true cost to own a car or the calculation of average annual cost of a car is different for hybrid cars, where the battery replacement cost must also be included in the calculation.

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Hybrid Car Batteries

There are two types of hybrid car batteries which are commonly used in most of the hybrid cars on the market today. These two hybrid car batteries are nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery. There are many reasons why nickel metal hydride and lithium ion was chosen as an alternative power for hybrid cars other than gasoline. See the top 10 reasons why these two types of batteries were chosen and the information for these batteries.

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Lithium batteries for hybrid cars

Have you ever wonder why most of the car manufacturers use lithium batteries for hybrid cars? The main reason why lithium-ion batteries were used in hybrid cars is because the technology allows hybrid cars to travel farther when it turns into electric mode. Other than hybrid cars, lithium-ion battery is also widely used in notebooks and mobile phones.

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Hybrid Car List

See the complete hybrid car list here. The hybrid car list here is updated from time to time whenever there are any new hybrid cars introduced to the automobile world. The list here also include some of the hybrid cars that invented before 1990s and pre-war hybrid cars. You can click on the car to view the car details, read the reviews, and also check the selling price and compare these hybrid cars. See also: compare hybrid cars and Honda hybrid cars.

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Compare Hybrid Cars

Here we compare hybrid cars that are widely sold worldwide. We compare top four most famous hybrid cars in the world, Toyota Prius hybrid, Honda Insight hybrid, Ford Fusion hybrid, and Honda Civic hybrid, according to their performance, technology, fuel efficiency, design, and price.