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Honda Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are getting more popular especially when petrol price only increase but no decrease. Three most famous Honda hybrid cars on the road now are Honda Civic hybrid, Honda Insight Hybrid, and Honda CR-Z Hybrid. Honda hybrid cars are as popular as Ford hybrid cars and Toyota hybrid cars although Honda well-known as world’s largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines. Read the reviews and information of these three Honda hybrid models here and compare these hybrid cars.

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History of hybrid car

The history of hybrid car is very interesting ever since the first hybrid car built in 1898. There are many cars appeared in hybrid cars history which built by different people in different places. However, all these cars are very interesting and they play a very important role until we can see hybrid cars went in to mass production today.

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How many hybrid cars are on the road

By the moment you reading this it’s probably another new hybrid car are on the road. Hybrid cars are getting more and more popular in automobile market although it has only less than five percent out of all cars on the road today. If you understand how do hybrid cars work you will understand why the popularity of hybrid cars are growing. The main reason is it has high fuel efficiency and convenience to drive like any usual cars.

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How do hybrid cars work

Here is the detail explanation of how do hybrid cars work and how it affects the automobile industry in future. The concept of how hybrid technology works is pretty simple to understand with diagram given here. Hybrid cars are any cars use two or more than two different source of energy and turn it into one propulsion power. It can be diesel-electric, nuclear-electric, and the most common on the road today are gasoline-electric hybrids.