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How do hybrid cars work


Here is the detail explanation of how do hybrid cars work and how it affects the automobile industry in future. The concept of how hybrid technology works is pretty simple to understand with diagram given here. Hybrid cars are any cars use two or more than two different source of energy and turn it into one propulsion power. It can be diesel-electric, nuclear-electric, and the most common on the road today are gasoline-electric hybrids.

A gasoline-electric powered car is the most common car on the road today and it is available for sale almost everywhere in the world. It combines the energy from electric and gasoline into one system and leverages both powers. See how many hybrid cars are on the road.

Hybrid cars have a standard engine like what normal cars have. The only different is the engine is smaller and hybrid cars come with an extra electric motor as another power train to move the car. The electric motor used to generate power from batteries and accelerate the car. On the other hand, the electric motor works as generator to generate power and recharge the batteries when the car is run by gasoline power. The batteries for hybrid cars are usually stored at the back of the car or under the rear seat.

For some hybrid cars, automobile makers use an extra generator instead of using an electric motor that has both functions to accelerate car and generate electric power. The generator is to produce electric power when the car is powered by gasoline.

There are two types of hybrid technologies, the parallel hybrid and series hybridFor parallel hybrid, both gasoline engine and electric motor are work together to provide propulsion power for the car. Electric motor gets the power from batteries and gasoline engine generated by gasoline from fuel tank. For series hybrid, both power work differently. The gasoline engine just work as generator to charge the batteries. The electric energy saved in the batteries will use to power the electric motor and accelerate the car. For some hybrid cars, user can charge the batteries in the car using an external charger to plug in to the electric power from their house. In conclusion, hybrid cars are efficient, convenient, and economy to use.


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