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Car battery replacement

Car battery replacement is something you can’t avoid to do every year or every two years no matter what cars you are driving. Car battery life cycle is usually less than two years. Only if you are lucky, you get more than two years but it won’t over three years. Well, that’s the reason why most of the car battery manufacturers give up to 15 months warranty on their batteries.

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6 Volt Car Battery

6 volt car battery are still commonly use on some antique cars, classic cars, old cars, golf cart, and electric cars although many new cars are now using 12 volt maintenance free car battery. Well, you can convert 12 volt car battery output to 6 volt but it requires a lot of job and a 6-volt battery now cost less than $100 dollars, what is the point to convert it?

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List of 6 volt car battery

Here is your delicious list of 6 volt car battery from 0.5AH to 9.5AH for any kind of cars including classic cars, muscle cars, antique cars, old cars, golf cart, as well as electric cars. Do not worry you can’t get a 6 volt car battery for your car there are at least 200 car batteries were listed here and all are 6 volts! Most of them are under $100 dollars. Check it out.

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Electric car conversions

All you need to know about electric car conversions, electric car motors, batteries, and how to build an electric powered car with simple conversion is here. There are many ways to convert any fuel powered cars to electric powered from cheap method to expensive method. The conversion could be done by purchasing a set of pre-made electric car conversion kit according to specific car model or custom select the needed parts base on the electric car plan.