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Car Loan – An advice to listen before taking one

It’s a beautiful day and you are on your journey to a resort to enjoy your holiday. While you are driving your car, suddenly “Boom!!!” One of your car tires blowouts and luckily you did not drive fast and able to get the car towed to nearest workshop. Now problem has come if you are on tight budget every month paying your car loan, credit cards, house loan or house rental.
Most of the people did not really allocate some money for car maintenance, or in other words, they did not …

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Buy a new car: Three questions to ask

In Chinese proverb, there is a quote says “一种米养百种人 (Yī zhǒng mǐ yǎng bǎi zhǒng rén)”, which literally means one kind of rice will raise a hundred kinds of people. It takes all sorts to make a world. When come to the discussion to buy a new car or a used car, many people has different thoughts and often these thoughts are controversial. Some people prefer to buy pricey cars that higher than what they can actually afford, while some people prefer least expensive but just a small car that …

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Advice about car leasing

Here is a list of tips and advice about car leasing that you must listen to if you are looking for the most honest car leasing advice. These advices not only give you a good guide and lead you to the best car leasing but also help you to avoid car dealer’s scam as well as high leasing interest rate. A penny saved is a penny earned, 1% differences can bring a huge saving in the end of the day.

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Advice on buying a car

Here is some advice on buying a car including what car to choose, advice on buying new or used car base on needs and how to get cheap car insurance and car loan. There are many ways you can save up a lot of money when buying a car as long as you choose the right car, right car insurance, and best loan APR rate. In fact, you will not save any penny if you are buying some exotic sports cars.