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Advice about car leasing


Here is a list of tips and advice about car leasing that you must listen to if you are looking for the most honest car leasing advice. These advices not only give you a good guide and lead you to the best car leasing but also help you to avoid car dealer’s scam as well as high leasing interest rate. A penny saved is a penny earned, 1% differences can bring a huge saving in the end of the day.

So now you are in the middle of something, in the middle of getting a lease car but you need the most sincere and straightforward car leasing advice so that extra money will be not wasted. Check out the advice about car leasing here.

Buy or Lease a car?

Leasing versus buying a car has been a long asked question since the first day car leasing was out to the market. The main reason people choose to lease a car rather than buying it is the extremely low down payment and monthly car payment. Other than that, risk for major repair is lower if compared to buying a car. There are many pros and cons and you will have to find the best solution based on your own situation.

Problems with leasing a car

Nothing comes to this world without problems, so do car leasing. There are several common problems with leasing a car including limited mileage and ownership. Leasing a car usually will have limited mileage and if the mileage is exceeded, there will be extra charges and generally these charges are quite high. Ownership is another issue to consider when you are looking for car leasing. The car is not belonging to you and you will have to return it once the contract is end. For more details, see problems with leasing a car.

Your own situation

We advice you to check clearly you own situation before you decide to go for car leasing. If you financial status is good, you should plan to buy a car rather than lease it. This is because you can sell off the car after several years and get back some money based on the market value at that time. You can run through car leasing credit check if you think your financial status or credit history is very bad.

If your financial status is just temporary not-so-good and you have confidence to make a good record within 6 months, we advice you to go for short term car leasing. Many car leasing companies give great offers for 28 days up to 12 months for short term car leasing. This is a good alternative solution for people who just temporary need a car and do not plan to buy any cars. There are always different kind of opinions and advice about car leasing, in conclusion, you will still have to take this advices into consideration based on your own condition.


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