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Car Loan – An advice to listen before taking one


It’s a beautiful day and you are on your journey to a resort to enjoy your holiday. While you are driving your car, suddenly “Boom!!!” One of your car tires blowouts and luckily you did not drive fast and able to get the car towed to nearest workshop. Now problem has come if you are on tight budget every month paying your car loan, credit cards, house loan or house rental.

Most of the people did not really allocate some money for car maintenance, or in other words, they did not even follow the basic car maintenance schedule to take care of their car. Otherwise, blown tire will not happen. Here comes the question, aren’t every car come with owner’s manual that tells the owner when to give the car a basic check and replace what is needed to be replaced?

Mainly, there is only a reason when people do not maintain their car, money. InAmerica, if the car loan is higher than roughly 13% of your monthly income, it is consider high. If you are able to loan a car with monthly car payment of $400 dollars, you should consider getting a car within $300 to $350 monthly car payment. Save up the $50 for car maintenance. In US, a standard 16” tire could cost from $80 to $110. When you get a blown tire because of the tire thread has wear out, you MUST change all the other tires together. That means you will have to at least prepare $400 for the tire and another $100 for labor, car alignment adjustment as well as balancing. Keep in mind that $500 is just for tire maintenance, the calculation haven’t include basic maintenance like engine oil change, transmission oil, air filter, brake pads, brake fluid, and among others.

In a nutshell, consider properly before signing up any car loan, try not to make it higher than 11% of you or your total household income. Check properly the warranty dealer give to you. There are many things always did not included in the warranty or extended warranty. Car tire blowouts are always the top cause of any car accidents, therefore, keep your car in best condition is a must. If you want to drive a luxury car, make sure you drive it in a rich way that money to maintain it is never be a concern.


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