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Volvo P1800: An iconic car that may be forgotten

The Volvo P1800 was one of the most sought-after sports cars in the ‘60s. It is also considered as the first Volvo sports car after the Volvo P1900 went into production as a tragedy. Why we say the P1900 is a tragedy because only 68 cars produced and 5 among the 68 was prototypes, that means only 64 were sold to consumers. However, it has become a history and most of the Volvo P1900 is now either stay in museum or some classic car collector’s garage.
Unlike the P1900, the P1800 …

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Top 40 Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars

When men’s age reaches 40, it is a turn point, what are the best cars for them? Here are the delicious top 40 Mercedes-Benz sports cars at all-time from A to Z that suitable for not only men but also girls who love sports cars. Do not miss this list if you are planning to get any sports cars made by Mercedes-Benz.

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Nissan Z Cars

Nissan Z cars have been one of the most fascinating Nissan sports cars since the first generation was introduced in 1969. Nissan Z cars not only attract people’s attention when it is running on the road but it also attracts many attentions in many forms of racing. The first generation of Nissan Z cars, the Nissan S30s (which also known as 240Z/260Z/280Z) has won many SCCA/IMSA championships from 1979 throughout recent years.

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Nissan Sports Cars

From Nissan Fairlady to Nissan Skyline GT-R, Nissan sports cars are always leader in manufacturing sports cars that are ahead of its time. Here we listed out a list of Nissan sports cars from 1930s since the company was established until today.

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MG sports cars page 2

In mid 30’s until today, there are still many great MG sports cars were built. Among these nice sports cars are the MG TF, Midget, MGA, MGB, MGB GT V8, and among others. This is page 2, for page 1, please click MG sports cars page 1.

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Sweet cars

What exactly is sweet cars? Does it have to be cool? Exotic? Cute? Powerful? Or does it have to have a sweet car girls or any hot car girls stand beside? Sweet means having the taste of sugar or honey in your mouth, therefore a sweet car will make you feel like there is honey in your mouth when you see it! MalaysiaMiniLover had shared you the sweetest cars from all around the world. If you love cars you are up against a global conspiracy to destroy your spirit. You must rebel …