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Volvo P1800: An iconic car that may be forgotten


Volvo P1800

The Volvo P1800 was one of the most sought-after sports cars in the ‘60s. It is also considered as the first Volvo sports car after the Volvo P1900 went into production as a tragedy. Why we say the P1900 is a tragedy because only 68 cars produced and 5 among the 68 was prototypes, that means only 64 were sold to consumers. However, it has become a history and most of the Volvo P1900 is now either stay in museum or some classic car collector’s garage.

Unlike the P1900, the P1800 was a huge success with more than forty thousand units sold across the world in between 1961 and 1973. Let’s talk about the car and not just the number. It is the car that makes us think is this car been forgotten by most of the people today?

There are four types of 1800 from the year of 1961 to 1973 including the P1800 (1961 to 1963), 1800S (1963 to 1969), 1800E (1970 to 1973), and 1800ES (1972 to 1973). Well, you can forget about the 1800ES because it is a coupe station wagon and it doesn’t really spark out interest with its all-glass rear door. It is a little bit look alike with the new Honda Brio.

What about the performance of the car? Each of the models is pretty much the same except each generation the car receive a better power from 100 hp (1800) to 108 hp (1800S) and then to 130 hp. From 0 to 100 km/h, the Volvo 1800S took 9.5 seconds which is one of the car that goes under 10 seconds in the early ‘70s. Due to this reason, the 1800S gets a little more luck to receive four-wheel disc brakes.

What about the outlook? Without a single word, it is a piece of beauty in automobile history. The design of the car has successfully catch people’s eye wherever the car go even on the road today. The radio of the front part where the engine place and the rear is just so perfect. It also has a very nice silk roof that goes all the way down to the rear boot with a perfect angle just like a hot girls with 36, 24, 36 body. You will 100% attract by the outlook. Not to mention the car also has a little fin tail at the back which looks like Batman’s Batmobile.

With less than fifty thousand cars sold across the day, not much of the Volvo P1800 left surviving on the planet today. This is also the reason why the price of this car is keep on increasing as one by one has gone throughout time. We hope this iconic car will not be forgotten and there should be more gathering day for the Volvo P1800 after the Viking Classic Auto Show held inFrancein 2010. Volvo, For Life.


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