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Buy car with cash when car loan is high? Smart or stupid?

Previously we did a simple calculation to compare buy car with auto loan and buy car with cash in the United States. The result somehow turn out buying a car with car loan is more practical as buyer tends to save up few thousand dollars in the end. The logic works for some other countries which have different kind of auto loan system than the U.S. including Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore (see also: buy car with cash in Malaysia: Smart or Stupid? and Buy car with cash vs. Buy car with auto …

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Buy car with cash in Malaysia: Smart or Stupid?

We had an article “Buy car with cash: good or bad?” to compare how the money appear and disappear when a person buy a car with cash or with auto loan. That calculation is base on the car loan system in the United States. Here we have another calculation based on the car loan system in Malaysia and some other countries which have the similar system including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and among others.

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Smart Cars

Well, you will need to open your mind to cars that challenge the status quo in order to fall in love with Smart cars. This is because Smart cars are unlike any other you can see on the road.
Smart was founded in 1994 as an automotive brand of Daimler AG. Smart manufactures several microcars and gained a good reputation in European countries and soon worldwide. This is because their cars has very special look, convenience to drive around, and most important is fuel-efficient.

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Smart car accessories

Smart will look smarter will all the cool accessories specially made for Smart car. Here is your delicious A-list of Smart car accessories that will gets the car pimped. All these after market car parts and car accessories are specially built for all the Smart cars. Often after market car accessories and custom made accessories are the only things to make your car look special. If you would like to customize your own car or personalize your own Smart car, you would have to check out all the accessories available …

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How much does a smart car cost

Here are all the answers for how much does a Smart car cost, how many types of Smart car models available, and some cool smart car body kits. Smart is an automotive brand of Daimler AG and also member of Mercedes Car Group. The first Smart car was introduced in 1998 as a 2-seater Smart City Coupe that comes with 600cc 3 cylinder engines that produced 55 hp. The reason why this car is manufactured in Europe is because the gasoline price has hit $4 or more per gallon during …

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Smart car body kits

Smart car body kits are available here. If you looking for real nice car body kits for Smart with reasonable price, this one of the best place you should drop by. There are several types of body kits available for all Smart cars ever since the first Smart car was introduce in 1998 as Smart City-Coupe & City Cabrio. The body kits also cover Smart Fortwo, Crossable, Roadster, and Forfour.