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How much does a smart car cost


Here are all the answers for how much does a Smart car cost, how many types of Smart car models available, and some cool smart car body kits. Smart is an automotive brand of Daimler AG and also member of Mercedes Car Group. The first Smart car was introduced in 1998 as a 2-seater Smart City Coupe that comes with 600cc 3 cylinder engines that produced 55 hp. The reason why this car is manufactured in Europe is because the gasoline price has hit $4 or more per gallon during 1998.

The price for a Smart car is varying depends on options (pure coupe, passion coupe, passion cabriolet, BRABUS coupe, or BRABUS cabriolet), extra car accessories, sub-models. Here we will give you a rough price of a Smart car in some countries.

The base price is from US$11,000 in United States. The base price is from $16,000 for the coupe in Canada and under $20,000 for the cabriolet. In U.S, the car could cost up to US$18,000 if you purchase with additional options such as the power windows, power seats, sport rims, and among others.

However, if you are lucky, you can get a used Smart for less than US$10,000 in the U.S. You can try to bid Smart car from eBay but you have to make sure the car is road legal. In Malaysia, due to the taxation for foreign car is very high, a used Smart Fortwo will cost around US$20,000.

Alternatively, if you just want to try out the car and not sure if you want to own one. You can try to lease a Smart at the cost around $169/month. Every country has different price for the Smart car, you will have to check with local dealer to see how much it cost.

How many type of Smart car available

There are several Smart car production models available since 1998. The most famous and commonly refer as “Smart Car” is the Smart Fortwo. Here is some information for the Fortwo.

  • The gas mileage is 55-62mpg on the highway and 40-45mph in the city.
  • Top speed for the car is 85mph or 136kph.
  • The dimension of the car is 8.8 feet long x 5.1 feet tall and 5.1 feet wide. You can park 2 Smart Fortwos in a normal parking lot.
Year Model
1998–2000 Smart City-Coupé & City-Cabrio* (*from 2000)
2002 Smart Crossblade
2001-2007 Smart City-Coupé & City-Cabrio (renamed Fortwo in 2004)
2001-2004 Smart K (Japan only)
2003-2005 Smart Roadster
2004-2006 Smart Forfour
2008-present Smart Fortwo
2008-present(in limited trials) Smart Fortwo ED (formerly known as EV)

In conclusion, think properly about the maintenance fee, spare parts fee, and future maintenance cost before buying the car after you have know how much does it exactly cost.
Smart car


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