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Well, you will need to open your mind to cars that challenge the status quo in order to fall in love with Smart cars. This is because Smart cars are unlike any other you can see on the road.

Smart was founded in 1994 as an automotive brand of Daimler AG. Smart manufactures several microcars and gained a good reputation in European countries and soon worldwide. This is because their cars has very special look, convenience to drive around, and most important is fuel-efficient.

Smart Cars

Smart cars are small in physique but hug on fuel saving. The original idea came from Swatch’s CEO Nicolas Hayek who made Swatch watches. He brought out the new idea to develop a car using the same method and personalization features to popularize Swatch watches.

In 1998, the first Smart car Smart Fortwo (named because it’s “for two” people) was debuted at the 1998 Paris Motor Show as the Smart City Coupé. The first thing everyone will notice when look at the car is the size. A normal parking lot could allow 3 Smart Fortwo to park in at the same time. In year 2000, Smart introduced Smart City-Cabrio which is featured with removable roof panels.

Why buy Smart Cars?

The first things come in mind when look at the car is the safety and gas mileage due to the incredible small size. Smart car body is made of Tridion steel safety shell and it holds up remarkably well in a 70 mph crash test. However, a small car will never be as safe as a large car.

In terms of fuel-efficient, the car is wonderful. Smart cars only weighs 700 to 750 kg (1500 to 1600 lb) which gives a huge advantage on fuel saving. It is one of most fuel efficient cars on the planet. On the other hand, the selling price for the car is inexpensive compared with other car in the same range. See also How much does a smart car cost?

Famous Smart Cars

Rather than the Smart City-Coupé, Smart introduced Smart Crossblade in 2002, Smart K (for Japan market), Smart Roadster (2003-2005), Smart Forfour (2004-2006), as well as Smart Fortwo ED. The Smart Fortwo ED is what Nicholas Hayek initially wants, which is either a hybrid or electric motor in the Smart.

Smart competitors include Mini Cars, Volkswagen Cars (especially the Volkswagen Lupo), Kia Cars, Mazda Cars, Toyota Cars, and Honda Cars.

Smart concept cars include Smart Crosstown, Smart Tridion 4, Smart Formore, and Smart Beachcomber.

These days, Smart cars are well-known for offering small cars but great value.


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