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Cars for tall people

Are you headache with small cars or short cars? Is your head hit with the car top while driving? Find the list of best cars for tall people, best cars for fat people, larger drivers, plus-size drivers, or over-sized drivers here. Some of the cars in the list here are cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. No cabriolet or soft-top is needed for taller people. Check out the list here.

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What size battery does my car take?

What size battery does my car take? What size battery do I need for my car? What is the best car battery for my car? Can I upgrade my car battery to bigger size? Can I downgrade my car battery to smaller size? Car manufacturers always suggest consumer to use the recommend battery size written in the user’s manual when the battery needs to be replaced. However, many of us do not know how car battery replacement work and here are some guides to choose the right battery size for …

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What size speakers fit my car

Here we give you delicious tips on how to choose the speakers size that best fit into your car. The theory bigger sounds better do not apply to car speaker. There are many factors that consideration you need to take when choosing the right speaker size for your car such as the speaker power, speaker input, and output for your car. The most important thing is it has to match with your player or your amplifier.