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Cars for tall people


Are you headache with small cars or short cars? Is your head hit with the car top while driving? Find the list of best cars for tall people, best cars for fat people, larger drivers, plus-size drivers, or over-sized drivers here. Some of the cars in the list here are cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. No cabriolet or soft-top is needed for taller people. Check out the list here.

Most of the cars on the market today are comfortable for any people who are equal to or shorter than 6’. People who are tall like 6’ 5” or 6’ 8” will feel uncomfortable for cramped cars. Cars like Honda Insight give very good mileage (40/43 mpg) but the interior design is not roomy enough for tall people.

Nissan Murano – Okay, we did not mean the convertible version. We all know convertible cars are suitable for tall people. Nissan Murano (189.9 in length x 74.1 in width x 68 in height) is quite spacious for tall people. The driver seat is well-designed and can be adjusted to far behind for people with long legs.

Kia Soul – Big people don’t have to always aim for BIG cars. The Kia Soul is quite a roomy compact car for any tall or large-size people. The height of the car is 63.4 inches and it is quite comfortable for people who are slightly more than 6’ although the car may look small from outsize.

Volkswagen Tiguan – This is it! This is the choice for anyone who loves to have an SUV with sleek design and spacious interior.

MINI Cooper – Mini lovers will love this forever. Although it is well known as “MINI”, it doesn’t really mini at all. The MINI Cooper is well-designed that it is able to fit 6’ 5”-6’ 10” people. The front seats can slide all the way into contact with the rear seats. If you ever ride on the classic Mini (1959 – 2000), it is really spacious too. That’s the reason it makes this car live on the planet for almost half a century without any changes on the outlook.

Hyunda Elantra – As one of the top ten car manufacturers, Hyundai did consider to target tall people market. Other than the Elantra, Hyundai Santa Fe and Hyundai Sonata are pretty roomy for tall people too.

There are few shops that does car seat modifications or car seat moves to suit larger or taller people. However, need no modifications if you buy the right car. There are many cars suitable for tall people in the market with reasonable price.

Mini Cooper S R56
MINI Cooper – One best cars for tall people


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