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I want to sell my used car to a dealer

Here is your tasty answer and steps you can follow to sell any used car to dealer easily with good price and without hassle. There are always questions come in mind when thinking about selling a used car like how much is my car worth? Where to find reliable used car dealer that will buy my car with high price? Where should I advertise? What is the procedure to sell my used car? Here are some of the answers for all these questions.

Toy Cars »

Where can I sell my hot wheels

Having lots of cool hot wheels but don’t know where to sell it? Here we tell you where and how to sell it with high price. The fastest and easiest place to sell Hot Wheels is no where but eBay. There are many hot wheels collectors run through the site every week to look for special or rare edition hot wheels to buy over and collect it in their garage.

Junk Cars »

Cash for junk cars

Do you know that you can get cash for junk cars? Having one or two junk cars in your garage is not something bad as you can anytime trade in these cars with cash as long as you know where to get rid of these junks. In America, there is quite a number of junk cars collector across 50 states where you can sell your car to them and get cash in return, “Cash for clunkers” is one of the most famous program. In general, junk cars are usually cars …

Cars for Sale »

Cars under 1000 dollars

A list of cars under 1000 dollars that are reliable to use, low maintenance, worth buy, with higher second hand value, and with high clunker rebate are listed here. When economy crisis hit the world, there were even cheaper cars available like cars under 500 dollars. One man’s bargain is another man’s extravagance, go for a good bargain car, but do not forget about the car problems and the maintenance cost you will need to pay. Let’s go through the list and check out with the dealer around your area, …

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Project cars for sale

There are always some project cars for sale out there. A man’s offer is another man’s extravagance, thus project cars are worth to buy in certain situation. These cars usually are the previous owner running out of budget during the rebuild process or his patience diluted due to the certain tough work to rebuild the car and inadequate of rare spare parts. Therefore sometimes you can get these cars under 1000 dollars. Spare parts and some rare parts are hard to find especially when you rebuild a classic car or …

Cars for Sale, Impounded Cars »

Impounded cars for sale

Have you ever think of impounded cars for sale? Sometime you can get these cars under 1000 dollars depends on the car age. There are thousands of best car deals can be found when authority gives away their offer, and this offer could up to 90% off the retail price. These authorities are such as banks or government agencies like police, sheriff, DEA, FBI, IRS and even the Border Patrol. Usually these cars will appear in auction as these cars are confiscated by for example police.