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Impounded cars for sale


Have you ever think of impounded cars for sale? Sometime you can get these cars under 1000 dollars depends on the car age. There are thousands of best car deals can be found when authority gives away their offer, and this offer could up to 90% off the retail price. These authorities are such as banks or government agencies like police, sheriff, DEA, FBI, IRS and even the Border Patrol. Usually these cars will appear in auction as these cars are confiscated by for example police.

There are 3 main reasons why you can get the car cheaply:

  • The impounded car must be sold to the public (usually held at public auction and it will be advertised through media)
  • This type of car might have quite a number of unpaid speed fines or parking fine and it did not motivate the owner to keep the car. In this case the cars regularly are of better quality. See also cars under 500 dollars.
  • The general public or ordinary people always have the thought that these types of cars are mediocre or contaminated. This makes bidders at auctions are very less which means you stand a higher changes to get a good bargain, sounds logical?

It is often that you can see some branded and luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguars, Mini Cooper, Audi and some classic cars for sale in auction. Off course you have to look at the quality of the car before making any bid, it is different from buying car with car bill of sale printable. If you are new about impounded cars for sale, you have to do some homework and some more study. World Wide Web is a good start. The auction date usually will be published on the net few weeks/months before, as well as the cars listing. From there you can check the market price or check the Blue Book or Classic Car Blue Book and make a comparison. The engine, body, interior, and performance of the auction car have to check before making any decision, it will be best if you can bring along a trustable mechanic together.

BMW Impounded Cars

There is a case that a successful bidder gets a 2000 BMW 540 for just $3897.47 and the car had only 25,000 miles.

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Mercedes Impounded Cars


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