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6 Volt Car Battery

6 volt car battery are still commonly use on some antique cars, classic cars, old cars, golf cart, and electric cars although many new cars are now using 12 volt maintenance free car battery. Well, you can convert 12 volt car battery output to 6 volt but it requires a lot of job and a 6-volt battery now cost less than $100 dollars, what is the point to convert it?

Car Mount »

Car Laptop Mount

Here is your delicious A-list of best and cheap car laptop mount that suitable for most of the cars including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, and many other car brands. You can easily mount a laptop in your car and to use it as GPS, watch movies, or to do some work during traffic jam. Car mount for laptop is slightly bigger, heavier, and a little bit more costly if compare to iPhone Car Mount or iPad Car Mount because they are smaller and lighter.

Slot Cars »

Carrera slot cars

Here is your delicious A-list of Carrera slot cars, Carrera 132 slot cars, slot car track sets, and some real cool car accessories. Carrera brand in slot car was first introduced in 1963 by Josef Neuhierl GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. It was inspired by one of the coolest ever made sports cars in the 60s, the Porsche Carrera. Until today, it is the most luxury and most wanted slot car in the market.

Car Buying Tips »

Dirt cheap cars

Here is your delicious A-list of dirt cheap cars and dirt cheap used cars that are dirtily cheap to buy, reliable to use and low depreciation. There are millions of ordinary people who work like hell but one third of the salary pay to car loan every month. Some even spend half of their salary to pay for car loan every month and suffer in life. If you are having limited budget, why not get a cheap cars like cars under 500 dollars or cars under 1000 dollars?

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Self service car wash

Starting a car wash business is easy with self service equipment. Here we tell you how to target clients that prefer self service method to wash their cars. The major concern of starting a car wash business is the cost, where to buy reliable car wash equipment, and also the profit you can make from the business.

Car Buying »

Buying a used car checklist

Buying a used car checklist is here. We will tell you what are the 10 most important things to check when buying a used car and also some tips on purchasing a car. Buying a used car is not as simple as see it, test drive it, pay and drive. Used cars are unlike new cars where most of it has certain mileage on it and the condition depends on how the previous owner maintains the car. Let’s see the checklist.