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6 Volt Car Battery


6 volt car battery are still commonly use on some antique cars, classic cars, old cars, golf cart, and electric cars although many new cars are now using 12 volt maintenance free car battery. Well, you can convert 12 volt car battery output to 6 volt but it requires a lot of job and a 6-volt battery now cost less than $100 dollars, what is the point to convert it?

There are a lot of six volt car batteries available for sales in the market today from Panasonic to SLA to Yuasa. Here is the list of 6 volt car battery available for sale in the market. Check properly which type of batteries is best suitable for your car before you purchase it. See also, list of 6 volt car battery.

Optima 6 Volt Red Top Battery

Optima 6 volt red top battery

This is currently one of the best car batteries for 6 V usage in the market. It is selling $120 dollars. The battery features 800 cold cranking amps, reserve capacity of 100 minutes for constant performance, and optimal starting power even in bad weather or extremely cold weather. This car battery size is also quite standard as in 10” x 6 7/8” x 13/16” tall. The weight of this battery is 18.4 pounds. It also comes in yellow and blue top for decoration purpose to fit any kind of cars.

LINCON 6 volt car battery

Lincoln six volt battery

LINCON offers a big range of 6 volt batteries for classic cars and antique cars including MG, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, TVR, and among others. There are at least 30 batteries model is for 6 volt usage. The battery no for 6 volt car batteries are 311 LFE, 311LBH, 404, 404/19, 414, 421, 421/11, 421/13, 451, 501, 501/17, 511, 511/21, 511/V8/21, 521, 521/21, 531, 531/21, 541, 541BK, 591, 702, 703, 711, 712, 713, 721, 722, 732, and 733.

6 volt car battery for Golf Car

Trojan 6 Volt Golf Car Battery. Trojan is another battery manufacturer who manufacturers several 6 volt batteries for golf car. Some of the famous models are Trojan T-105 and Trojan T-125. Trojan T-105 is 62 lbs and has 750 cycle life while Trojan T-125 is 66 lbs and has 650 cycle life.

On the other hand, you can also look for USB US-2200, USB US-125, Exide E-3600, and Exide GC2-H. Those are all 6 volt battery that available for sale in the market today in a real cheap price.


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