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Here is your delicious A-list of best and cheap car laptop mount that suitable for most of the cars including Toyota, Honda, Ford, Volkswagen, and many other car brands. You can easily mount a laptop in your car and to use it as GPS, watch movies, or to do some work during traffic jam. Car mount for laptop is slightly bigger, heavier, and a little bit more costly if compare to iPhone Car Mount or iPad Car Mount because they are smaller and lighter.

Basically, there are two types of car mount available in the market, one require some drilling work to fit the mount to your car and another type need no drilling and easy-to-fix. One of the most famous and durable car laptop mount available for sales in the market is the one from RAM. It is one of the perfect solutions to place your laptop in your car safely even while the car is moving. RAM car laptop mount offer a wide range of features including:

  • Height adjustable tele-post.
  • It uses rubber ball and socket system to connect the laptop and the tray.
  • Double swing arm with a wide reach.
  • A tough tray to hold any kind of laptops including Dell laptop, HP laptop, Apple laptop, Acer laptop, Sony laptop, Compaq laptop, or Toshiba laptop.
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturers.

Other than RAM, there are many cheap laptop mount available for sales in the market such as CarGo desk universal laptop car desks. It has a storage box and a large lockable top for you to place the laptop on top. It also has a slide-out work surface and a lockable file cover. What makes it good is it is cheap to buy the basic model and you can add on extra things like retractable handle or 400 watt power inverter if you feel you need it.

A good way to get cheap laptop mount is to buy universal type with no brand. It usually made in China and fit to most of the car. You can find it for sale easily at any car accessories shops near to you. These cheap car laptop mount usually is selling less than $30 dollars.


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