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Why self service car wash is better?

It was my first time traveling a few thousand miles to Melbourne from the United States. I stayed at a friend’s house in Melbourne and on one early morning, I was thinking to help my friend wash her car. So I reversed her car out from the garage, pull the water pipe out and start to spray the water on her car. Five minutes later, she ran out immediately from the house and closed the water tab. She told me that wash a car in that way is illegal in …

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Self service car wash

Starting a car wash business is easy with self service equipment. Here we tell you how to target clients that prefer self service method to wash their cars. The major concern of starting a car wash business is the cost, where to buy reliable car wash equipment, and also the profit you can make from the business.

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Starting a car wash business

Starting a car wash business you must know where to source for car wash equipment, what the cost is and how much money you can make from a car wash business. Other than that, you must have in mind clearly how much money you need to start up the business and what is your budget. You can start up a big car wash business if budget is not a concern, otherwise a small car wash business will be nice too.

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Car wash equipment

Here is your useful A-list of new and used car wash equipment and comparison of several equipment prices for people who are starting a car wash business. The key to success in any kind car wash business in anywhere is just one word, which is “Clean”. Everyone who sends the car to car wash is expecting the car as clean as a new car. Therefore, equipment plays an important part in this business.