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Starting a car wash business is easy with self service equipment. Here we tell you how to target clients that prefer self service method to wash their cars. The major concern of starting a car wash business is the cost, where to buy reliable car wash equipment, and also the profit you can make from the business.

3 important things to consider when starting up a car wash business are “location, location, and location”. You will need to choose a spot where drivers who live there prefer to wash their car themselves. Other than that, you will need to consider some of these points:

Startup costs. The cost could be start from $50,000 to $150,000 depends on the rental, the location, and also type of equipment you choose. If you are having a little budget, you can consider of used car wash equipment of second hand equipment that is still in good working condition.

Location. Consider to set up the business where the area having a lot of condominium, hostel, or apartment. People who would prefer to use the self-service method usually do not own a home or people who have limited space to wash their car at where they live. Places like Berwyn, Broward country, Texas, Apple Valley, Florida, Billings, Long Island, Atlanta, and many other places are famous with self-service car wash.

Clients. The target market could be people with lower incomes as they are more cost-conscious.

How to use self-service car wash

Step 1 Park properly to wash the car

Park your car properly into the car wash bay. Park at center is the best way to wash the car as this allows you to walk around the car and wash it. Do not park the car too close to any side of walls.

Step 2 Pay to the car wash machine

Make the payment to the payment machine. Most self-service car wash machines are coin-operated and it usually takes quarters or coins. Therefore make sure you have prepared the correct amount. Some machines will accept charge card too. Standard price for a self-service car wash are from $2.00 to $6.00.

Step 3 Follow the step to wash your car

There will be instruction on how to wash your car with 4 or 5 steps. These instructions usually can be found on the machine or on the wall. The easy 5 steps are Pre-soak using the spray wand, wash with suds (high pressure and detergent), foam brush using scrub wand, rinse, and also wax. Some car wash put waxing as optional so that clients can choose this option themselves.

Step 4 Interior cleaning

How much you pay = how much time you have. Therefore you will have to move quickly to clean the floor mats using the spray or vacuum cleaner.


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