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Why self service car wash is better?


Self service car wash
It was my first time traveling a few thousand miles to Melbourne from the United States. I stayed at a friend’s house in Melbourne and on one early morning, I was thinking to help my friend wash her car. So I reversed her car out from the garage, pull the water pipe out and start to spray the water on her car. Five minutes later, she ran out immediately from the house and closed the water tab. She told me that wash a car in that way is illegal in her housing area. Citizens are not allowed to waste water like that especially wash your own car in front of your house. I was like “Huh? WTF?”

This is really one great experience on me, I’ve never know that we are not allow to use water to wash car in certain areas in Melbourne because I did it in many places just like that. So I was asking my friend how the car owners wash their car. She gets her self prepared and brought me to a self-service car wash center. Okay, now I know how they usually wash their car.

We drove the car into an empty bay and centering the car nicely so that we have got enough spaces to walk around the car. The cost to self wash the car is $5 per time. We made the payment and started to pre-soak the car when the timer starts ticking. At the same time, we took off the dirty carpets and wash it with the spray wand. The spray wand is very light and it is really fun to wash a car in that way.

sexy girl self service car wash

The next thing we did was foam brush using, and then rinse the car by turning the dial on. Then, we put the floor mats back to the car and drive it out from the wash bay. There is an alternative to wax the car for another $5 but we did not go for it. It looks like a tiring job. The last thing we did was vacuum job, there is a place prepared with a huge vacuum device for you. With one “ON” button, it sucks every trash or dust from your car interior.

It was a fun day to experience self service car wash. Personally I think it is a better way because you get to know your car more and it is cleaner because you love your car more than others do. Besides, it is much cheaper as I found most of the car wash services in Australia charge $20-$40 per wash. Other than that, you stand a chance to see many hot car wash girls if you go to the right place. PS: The girls in the photos is not my friend, she is just a gorgeous girl who enjoys a self-service car wash.

Article written by: Jeffrey Bengo
Self service car wash
Image source: Facebook


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