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Volkswagen 1-litre: $600 dollars car for 258 mpg

The 42nd Annual General Meeting of Volkswagen AG on April 2002 in Hamburg has brought the world a hope that world’s most economy car is about to born when Dr. Ferdinand Piech drove a concept car from Wolfsburg to Hamburg. The concept car is a two-seater rear-wheel-drive small car. The seat is designed in tandem like the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller from the ‘50s rather than side-by-side like ordinary car to keep its aerodynamic and also giving larger side crush zone. Everyone who has seen this car during Dr. Piech’s journey was …

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Toyota Estima: A reliable MPV that serves its passenger until heaven

Okay, we have no intention to frighten you not to buy this car. We are going to review the Toyota Estima based on it’s performance, features, outlook, engine, and talk about what isn’t so good about this car as well as it’s competitor.
Toyota Estima or more commonly known as Toyota Previa in the US or Toyota Tarago in Australia was an MPV introduced in 1990 by Toyota. Within 21 years of time frame, the car received a total number of three generations until today. First generation was from 1990 to …

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Peugeot RCZ

There is a lot of “Wow! Wow! Wow!” when everyone saw the first debut of the Peugeot RCZ at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009. The reason why there are so many excitements is because Peugeot fans has been long waiting for something new, fresh, and different from the French auto maker. It has been long time since Peugeot built cars that really get their fans excited about. And now, the RCZ finally make all the car lovers feel like having level 1 drugs when looking at it and top …

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2012 Toyota Camry

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry! Well, it’s what all the Toyota fans have been waiting for. The reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry has finally out! The car pictures hit the web, Youtube, twitter, and almost everywhere. The 2012 Toyota Camry is available in four trimlines with three types of engine forToyota fans to choose which are: Toyota Camry L, Toyota Camry LE, Toyota Camry XLE, and Toyota Camry SE.

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Ford Mustang Cars

You may easily find many Ford Mustang cars for sale in the market but not the first or second generation of Ford Mustang. The latest Ford Mustang are available almost everywhere, anyone who have the money can just walk into Ford dealers and book one instantly. In contrast, it is uneasy and it takes a lot of effort to find one classic Ford Mustang that is really in immaculate condition. Here in Malaysiaminilover.com there is one in original condition with all the original car parts for sale. Check it out.

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Honda Brio

Honda Brio is a new member to Honda’s family. It made its first debut in 2010 as 2011 model year. With the size of 3610 mm x 1680 mm x 1485 mm, it is the latest Honda cars to target on small car market. Currently, this car is famous in India and Thailand where these two countries has the Brio’s premiere debut. Read the Honda Brio reviews here and also feedbacks from drivers who are presently driving Honda Brio in Thailand and India.