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Safe car pranks

Best safe car pranks idea is given here! What are the pranks to pull on a car that is safe and funny yet bring lot memories? Here we shared all the funny car prank ideas, these ideas are all from funny and humorous person. Trust me, all these great car pranks are fun to play no matter any seasons or special occasion like April Fool, New Year eve, friend’s birthday, school holidays…etc Well, I am just to shared some pranks but not teaching you to be bad. Here we go!

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Good car prank

The most humorous and good car prank has been shared out here! Some of the harmless car pranks or car revenge pranks technique has been used in our daily life and these pranks has been proven fun, reliable, and effective. Laughter is best medicine, therefore once again Angelina would like to share the Top 5 good car prank to bring some laugh to your life.

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Car revenge pranks

The best and funniest car revenge pranks is here! There are several pranks to pull on a car has been shared here before, but now it is the time revenge to whoever give you a harmless car pranks. It can be as funny as a moose stuck in car, or swap the victim’s super exotic sports cars to a car under 500 dollars and give him a big shock!

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Great car pranks

The great car pranks idea is given here! Best pranks to pull on a car without any harm to the car are shared. Harmless car prank ideas are available here for you to choose any one to go for all the cars. A good car prank will definitely make anyone involve in the prank laugh out loudly and without any accident. Now check out these top 5 greatest ever car pranks that will make everyone laugh out loud.