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Great car pranks


The great car pranks idea is given here! Best pranks to pull on a car without any harm to the car are shared. Harmless car prank ideas are available here for you to choose any one to go for all the cars. A good car prank will definitely make anyone involve in the prank laugh out loudly and without any accident. Now check out these top 5 greatest ever car pranks that will make everyone laugh out loud.

1. Prank on a broken car side window

The easiest and safe car pranks is you can go to any cheap auto parts shop or second hand car parts shop to find a cheapest or incomplete side window. Break the mirror once you get it and spread the glass on the seat of the victim’s car. Remember to roll down the window before you spread it. If your victim’s car is a super exotic sports cars sure he will get a big harmless shock!
car pranks with broken window

2. Prank on a fake accident that did not happen

This prank is very simple, just leave a note on the victim’s car windshield. The note can be “Hi pal I am sorry to smash your car, I have some urgent work to do and I have to leave to the airport. Call me and we can work out settlement, I do not have money but I can trade in my Transporter 2 Lamborghini to you”.

3. Prank to make the victim’s car disappear

This could be done easily if your victim is your family members or close friend. This can cause the car owner a great amount of panic especially if the car is a luxury car or muscle car. Just move the car and put it in a different place from where it originally park.

4. Prank to make everything work in the car

Well, this method has always got car revenge pranks back to you, therefore be careful! This is a very easy prank that can make the victim panic for 5 minutes once he gets into the car. Just get inside the victim’s car and turn on all the controls. Turn on the lights, the wipers, the radio (make it to loudest), the signal, parking brake, adjust the mirrors, move the seat, and turn on the vents. Not an evil prank but it will certainly wake them up in the morning. For extra points connect the alarm on automatically when the key set to on.

5. Prank to create flat tire

Best to use on April fool, take some balloons and fill them up. Place all these balloons under the tires, the driver will get big shock and hear the “boooooom” sound once the car move. This will work best especially during night time with black balloon where no one can see it.

These top 5 great car pranks is proven as a very simple and priceless, it brings happiness, laugh and fun to our life. Want some car pranks that more devil or evil? See the Evil car pranks!!


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