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Best safe car pranks idea is given here! What are the pranks to pull on a car that is safe and funny yet bring lot memories? Here we shared all the funny car prank ideas, these ideas are all from funny and humorous person. Trust me, all these great car pranks are fun to play no matter any seasons or special occasion like April Fool, New Year eve, friend’s birthday, school holidays…etc Well, I am just to shared some pranks but not teaching you to be bad. Here we go!

Prank, prank, pranks! Here is some other pranks that you might not want to know:

It depends on how much access to the car you have, a better car prank always need more access to the car, you might want to find a reason to get the car key from the owner without his suspect that you going to play a car prank with him. Let’s start our top 10 funny pranks.

Prank 1 – Cars for sale

A quick one is to make a “Cars for Sale” sign and place it at the car windscreen either front, rear, or side windscreen. The car owner will then feel weird to receive a number of calls from stranger asking if the car for sale. To make the car prank better, you can place a price that is far below the market price of the car.

Prank 2 – Party in the car

Simply put some confetti or paper punch dots at the defroster vents or air-condition vents. Set the blower switch to maximum, turn on the wiper to maximum, turn on sunroof switch (if the victim’s car has a sunroof), as well as the radio volume to the highest. When the victim starts the car with ignition switch, everything comes on with the super loud radio, fast wiper, and confetti blowing out like hell, party in the car! This is almost similar to one of the great car pranks we shared before but slightly different.

Prank 3 – Potato safe car pranks?

Have you ever tried this? This is safe as long as you do not choose a big size potato. Simply ram a potato to the car exhaust. It will first make the car engine won’t start or hard to start. This will make the victim try to start the car few more times and when the car starts, it will shoot the potato out with a loud sound “Bang Bang Booooom!”.

Prank 4 – Make the victim says “Oh My God”

This prank will definitely make the victim says OMG once he sees the car. This is on of the harmless car pranks but good for girls to revenge to guy. Wrap the car up with plastic wrap in few rounds, make sure fully wrapped, and then you can do anything to the car to make the owner shock! For example, draw some cartoon to it, put a lot of tomato sauce on it, shaving cream…etc

safe car pranks

Prank 5 – Fake Sudden Puncture

Take some balloons and fill them up according to how loud the sound you want to prank someone else’s car. Place these balloons under the tires and make it fit. When the car moves, the tires will flatten the balloon and “BOOM!” The victim will sure get down from his car and check out what happen! This is one good car prank and it work out best at night.

Prank 6 – Make bullet hole to the car

You can get any car stickers easily from the market. Try to get the bullet hole sticker from any shop, stick these stickers to your victim’s car during night or when he did not notice about it. Peep and see when he starts the car and going out, run to him and make a shock face. Make this pranks with few friends will be very funny.

safe car pranks

Prank 7 – Cook an egg with car

This prank works only during summer or some hot countries. You will have to choose a dirty car to target. Place an egg to into the car when your victim park the car under hot sun and go for work. The egg will cooked after 8 hours under hot sun, write a note there “Hey friend here is your food!” if your victim is driving a cheap car like cars under 500 dollars, just cook the egg on the roof.

Prank 8 – Scratches on car

This can be made easily. There one type of pen that able to write on car body without harm it’s color and it appears like scratches on the car. Make sure you choose the right pen or else it will become a car revenge pranks.

Have enough idea of safe car pranks?

safe car pranks
safe car pranks


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