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Car revenge pranks


The best and funniest car revenge pranks is here! There are several pranks to pull on a car has been shared here before, but now it is the time revenge to whoever give you a harmless car pranks. It can be as funny as a moose stuck in car, or swap the victim’s super exotic sports cars to a car under 500 dollars and give him a big shock!

Revenge Prank no 1: Put a little bit vegetable oil on the muffler. This will cause a huge amount of smoke come off from the car and it will smell like a big huge French fry. Wahahaha, this is proven one of the best revenge car pranks in April fool and you can just like customize your own car.

Revenge Prank no 2: This can be done to who put a balloon to blow off your tires in the great car pranks technique. Simple place a rainbow sticker on the car bumper, the best thing to do is place a bumper sticker that has the opposite message to the victim’s beliefs.

Revenge Prank no 3: This is a very funny sex car prank. It is not a cute valentines ideas with cars. Leave an inflated blow-up sex doll in the rear seat, hook up with an auto air pump. Once the driver starts the car and move away, the doll will automatic pump up. It works best in high traffic areas and it’s proven as one of the good car prank!

Revenge Prank no 4: This is the most classic car prank. Jack up the target’s car and put blocks underneath to make the tires gone. Make sure you stand around there to watch the whole reaction from your victims, especially if his car as good as a Lamborghini Countach.

Revenge Prank no 5: The wakeup and Evil car pranks! This is not recommended to prank with whoever have heart attack. When your victim fall asleep, drive the car left and right like you are drifting, corporate with others passengers in the car screaming around, this will definitely make your victim heads whip away from the window and back into it!

It is endless for one person to revenge back to another, but it does bring fun to our life, make sure you do not get angry, live it up!


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