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The most humorous and good car prank has been shared out here! Some of the harmless car pranks or car revenge pranks technique has been used in our daily life and these pranks has been proven fun, reliable, and effective. Laughter is best medicine, therefore once again Angelina would like to share the Top 5 good car prank to bring some laugh to your life.

good car prank good idea car prank

1. The no 1 good and funny car pranks can be done easily by using a clip lead to connect the brake light switch to the horn relay. If you are not sure about the wiring, this can be done by asking a mechanic for help.

2. What’s wrong with the wiper cleaning water? Hehe, this can be done within minutes. Put a little bit of food color in the water tank where the water is use to wash the windshield, just a few drops will do. An extra paper note can be increase the fun of the prank, if the color you put is blue, you can put an extra paper note by writing “Wish you have a blue day” near to the steering wheel.

good car pranks

3. “We just married” prank. This can be as funny as those who just get married. Attach a fishing line (about 10 to 20 feet) to the back of your victim’s car. Tie it up with some noisy object such as carbohydrate can drinks, trash bag, or some metal thing. Hide this to somewhere where the driver can’t see it when they get into the car. Here you will get to see evil car pranks, hahaha!

good car prank 4

4. Sex car prank. Attach a condom to the car tail pipe, push the end of the condom inside so it will only get notice when a big large condom balloon is dragging along the street until it burst! If this can be done with a sex doll in the car it will be a very much funny prank.

good car prank 5

5. Prank to make a car shake. This is definitely a good one among the pranks to pull on a car. Glue a small rock to the tire with epoxy and make sure the victim is not going to use the car for a while so that the glue has time to stick up. When he or she drives the car they will hard to figure out why the car is so shaky. So, after reading all this great car pranks, have you prepare your mind to list down your victims?


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