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1967 Ford Fairlane Drag Race Cars

Here are some of the juiciest 1967 Ford Fairlane drag race cars you can find in the world today as well as some of the greatest Ford Fairlane cars for sale. Drag racers really like to use the Ford Fairlane from 1955 to 1970 as a base car and modify it to become race cars or drag cars to go for many cars racing competition. However, after some time, racers may get bored and wanted to change new ride or new toy, and that’s always the best time to buy …

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Female race car drivers

List of female race car drivers name from A-Z is all here. These female drivers are best in driving race car and they are hot and sexy in race track! They have done whatever guys can do and some of the female racers even done better than guys. This article is to contribute to all the greatest female car racers who are talented, hot, and sexy.

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Invisible car

How invisible car attract peoples’ attentions while it is even unseen? Here we show you the coolest invisible car that you will ever see. It is not any exotic cars but just a Skoda Fabia that been transformed to invisible or imperceptible. The car distorted by a 22-year-old UK student Sara Watson from University of Central Lancashire who sprayed the car with a lovely paint job to match the car park and entrance of her art studio in UK.

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Pinewood derby cars

The best information about pinewood derby cars is collected here! It shows the fastest pinewood derby cars and some tips helps to build a faster pinewood cars. The famous “Pinewood Derby” it is a racing event held in the Boy Scouts of America. All the race cars are build from wood and contain a pine block, plastic wheels and metal axles. These car even can become a pimped out cars, aren’t it is wonderful?