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The best information about pinewood derby cars is collected here! It shows the fastest pinewood derby cars and some tips helps to build a faster pinewood cars. The famous “Pinewood Derby” it is a racing event held in the Boy Scouts of America. All the race cars are build from wood and contain a pine block, plastic wheels and metal axles. These car even can become a pimped out cars, aren’t it is wonderful?

How pinewood derby cars was build?

It was build by a very simple block of pine wood which there is 2 notches for wheels to plug in, 4 nails, and 4 plastic wheels.

pinewood derby cars

What are the rules of “Pinewood Derby” race?

  • The car must not exceed the given weight
  • The car must not exceed the given length so that it can fit to the track.
  • The wood can be carved in any way base on the competitor’s idea and creativity and cannot weight more than 5 oz.

6 ways to build a real fast pinewood derby car

Way 1: Reduce the friction

When the friction of the car goes down, the speed of the car goes up! The friction (the caused when 2 surfaces rub together) of the car acts like brakes, when the pinewood car moves from the pull of gravity, it is slowed down from friction.

Way 2: Lubrication

Since we know friction slow down the car speed when two surfaces pat together, we can easily reduce it by add in some lubricant to the two surfaces. Put some lubricant to your axle also helps a lot on your race.

Way 3: Axles

The car wheels and axles work together like left hand and right hand. The point where the axles and wheel surfaces meet produce a lot of friction. Be completely sure that the burr under the nail head is sanded off. After that polish the nail and underside of the head to a mirror like finish. This will make any pinewood derby cars real fast.

Way 4: Wheels

Sand your wheels and tyres and make it as perfect as it could be. Be concentrate when you sand the wheel and completely sure that the wheels are lathed perfectly. Do not think that this step is pranks to pull on a car! Concentration is needed!

Way 5: Speed from Gravity

The speed of the car are pretty much depends on the force of gravity, it is best that if you can make your car weight as close to 5 oz as possible.

Way 6: Making your pine car go straight

The car can be tested by rolling your car along the living room floor, make sure your pinewood car go straight all the time!

Sometimes there are some project cars for sale which someone has modify their pinewood car half way and they give up the competition, but it happens once in a blue moon.

The 6 ways are great tips to improve your pinewood car, you will find it useful if you follow it and you will immediately notice a significant improvement. Whatever you build your car, do your best!

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