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How invisible car attract peoples’ attentions while it is even unseen? Here we show you the coolest invisible car that you will ever see. It is not any exotic cars but just a Skoda Fabia that been transformed to invisible or imperceptible. The car distorted by a 22-year-old UK student Sara Watson from University of Central Lancashire who sprayed the car with a lovely paint job to match the car park and entrance of her art studio in UK.

Sara Watson, an art student has done a great paint job that generates great attention from car enthusiasts around the world especially people in the UK. The job took her 3 weeks to transform the car to invisible.

“I was experimenting with the whole concept of illusion but needed something a bit more physical to make a real impact.” said Sara.

“Recycle nothing goes waste”. The Skoda was a given to her from a local junk yard company Recycling Lives. And yes, she has turned it into a car that attracts people to walk over it to touch it and see if their eyes is having problem. This has definitely showed how talented she is.

The invisible car is now parked outside Sara’s studio at Uclan’s Hanover Building in Preston. The car did not look invisible if you look at it from other angle. It just looks invisible from the right angle. However, it has brought a lot of fun to people who walked pass. See also another creative car commercial buy car get AK 47.

If you want to create any art job to a car but with no sponsor or limited budget, try to look for cars under 500 dollars, old junk cars for sale, salvage cars for sale, pranks to pull on a car.

In a nutshell, great job Sara! It is really marvelous and amazing to create this invisible car.Invisible car


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