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My Mini engine won’t start

It is frustrated when a car engine won’t start especially during the morning you are rushing for your work or going for a date. My 1993 Mini Cooper does give me this headache last week. It is not usual when a car engine won’t start, there must be a reason. I’ve decided to written down my experience and hope I can pass this knowledge to the Mini world.
My 1993 Mini Cooper is powered by a 1275cc engine paired with fuel injection system. The car was kept in the garage and …

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Car air conditioning problems and solutions

Diagnostic common car air conditioning problems and find the best solution could be easier with some of the guide here. Readers from Malaysiaminilover share the air conditioning problems they faced as well as solutions here. You can take it as a reference if your car air conditioning has the similar problem. Please note that different cars have different air conditioning system. Therefore do consult a professional mechanic before any work is going on.

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My car won’t start

Whether your problems are my car won’t start and it’s not the battery, it won’t start and the car engine just clicks, the car just don’t start in cold days or raining days, the answers are all here. Check out the solutions here based on real live experience from MalaysiaMiniLover’s readers. Troubleshoot the problem and find the right way to solve your car problems so that extra money can be saved into your pocket. Here are the most common four situations where a car won’t start. Check this out and …

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Problems with Leasing A Car

Car leasing is something good under certain situations but often there are problems with leasing a car or any vehicles. Here is the top 5 car leasing problems that often happens when ones looking to lease a car. You should go through the car leasing problems here as well as some of the suggested solutions here. Although the answers may not be the best but let it be some guidelines for those who are seriously looking for car leasing.

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Diagnose car trouble

Diagnose car trouble can be very complex if you know nothing about cars. Here we shared step by step to diagnose a trouble in any cars from A to Z. There is a lot of information to diagnose a car problem online here. Follow these steps can save your time and also straight to the solution to solve the trouble. It can be very simple to solve when just a little thing isn’t right especially the car is not able start.

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Ford Escape problems

Ford Escape problems and complaints have been discussed among Ford Escape owners from around the world through cars forum, internet, as well as Ford Escape club. All these car problems from different source has been collected and shared here in one short. These Escape models are from the first generation which released back in year 2001 until 2007, and second generation which released in year 2008 until present.