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Problems with Leasing A Car


Car leasing is something good under certain situations but often there are problems with leasing a car or any vehicles. Here is the top 5 car leasing problems that often happens when ones looking to lease a car. You should go through the car leasing problems here as well as some of the suggested solutions here. Although the answers may not be the best but let it be some guidelines for those who are seriously looking for car leasing.

The MOST MOST MOST common car leasing problems is that consumer regret or feel that they should buy instead of getting a car lease. This often happened right after the consumer signed a lease contract with car leasing company or car dealers. There is no such thing as return policy if the contract did not specifically state. It only happen 1 out of 1000 where you can return the car. See how many days do I have to return a used car. The only thing you can do is to appeal to the good graces of the leasing company or dealer management.

One common car leasing problem is consumers do not understand exactly how car leasing works. This could end up with getting a terrible deal or extremely bad deal from car dealer. Check out the interest rate before you sign any leasing contract. Make sure you get the best deal in town. See also leasing versus buying a car.

Exceeding the mileage stated in the lease contract is another ordinary car leasing problems. Typically, car leasing companies or dealer are always stingy on the mileage with annual allotment of less than 12,000 miles is standard. Check properly what is the penalty for extra miles. It usually stands in between 18 cents and 21 cents per mile.

Another car leasing problems that always happen is consumer wants to terminate their lease before the contract date end. Although there are some websites help these people to match with new consumer who look for short term car leasing, there is a fee to pay.

One last car leasing problems is that consumer did not take care of the car and did not return the car in reasonable condition that stated in the contract. Any dents, damage, speed tickets, rips or stains on the car seats, damaged wheels and trims, or excessive wear and tear must be repaired while the car is under the consumer’s lease. Otherwise, it could result in extra charges where the amount usually did not state in the car lease contract. In conclusion, it is a must to understand all the problems with leasing a car before you decide to go for car leasing or car buying.


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