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Problems with audi a4

Problems with Audi A4 have been discussed among the Audi A4 owners through cars forum, WWW, Audi A4 club…etc. All these problems has been collected and shared here. If you look at the Audi A4 performance, this car is definitely a great car to drive. Other than that, high performance parts for Audi A4 can be find easily around most of the town area but why there are still some complaints from Audi A4 owner? These complaint models such as 2003 A4, 2007 A4 model, even the 2008 Audi A4 …

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Car CD player eject problems

5 main solutions to solve car CD player eject problems has been shared out here. It is not a serious problem like your car engine won’t start but sometimes it can be irritated or feeling annoyed when you want to change the CD in your car but the CD won’t eject in car stereo. It is a common thing happens to some of the cars in our daily life especially old car stereo or cars under 500 dollars. Therefore, learn the tricks to solve it are a good way to …

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Ford focus recall

Ford focus recall several times from Ford Motor Company recalls. Ford focus cars recall date and information, extended warranties, affected Focus model year,  ford focus problems, reason for recall are available here. Other than Focus, Ford f150 repair manual online, free ford wiring diagrams, ford western hauler and ford edge commercial song is also available here.