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My car won’t start


Whether your problems are my car won’t start and it’s not the battery, it won’t start and the car engine just clicks, the car just don’t start in cold days or raining days, the answers are all here. Check out the solutions here based on real live experience from MalaysiaMiniLover’s readers. Troubleshoot the problem and find the right way to solve your car problems so that extra money can be saved into your pocket. Here are the most common four situations where a car won’t start. Check this out and it may help you to solve your problems in the easiest way.

The car just clicks

If the car engine just clicks, try to turn on the headlamps, horn, and signals. If the lights or horn is weak, mostly it is the battery problem. Use a volt meter to check on the battery. It usually is 12V or above, if it is lower than that from 11V-11.9V, try to jump start the car (see how to jump start a car). Walmart car batteries or Sam’s club car battery prices are some of price guideline you can check out.

The car won’t start in the cold

During cold weather the strength of any car battery will be reduced especially weak battery. The car engine will usually click but the car engine won’t start if the battery is too weak (Usually less than 12V). In this situation, it mostly means it’s time for a new car battery if the battery has been used for years. However, if you are live in a very cold place you need to plug in a bock heater to your car so the engine will start. Very cold means really really cold area.

The car won’t start when it rains

Rain = water. If the car won’t start when it rains or during raining day, check all the connections under the hood and see whether there is any water penetrating. This often happen for old car that has many holes or rusty car. Check especially the battery connectors. Alternatively, you can spray all the electrical wiring under the hood using silicone spray to prevent water touching it.

It just don’t start and it’s not the battery

If you have just changed a brand new battery and the car still won’t start, it’s not the battery problem. It could be the starter or the alternator. To diagnose this problem, you will need a volt meter to find the root of the problem. Start the car, get a volt meter and hook up to your car battery. Do not anything like headlamps, air condition, and stereo then see what the voltage is. Repeat the same checking with headlamps, air condition, and everything on. If the volt meter show less than 12V, it is mostly the alternator that give problems because it did not charge enough to the battery.


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