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Diagnose car trouble


Diagnose car trouble can be very complex if you know nothing about cars. Here we shared step by step to diagnose a trouble in any cars from A to Z. There is a lot of information to diagnose a car problem online here. Follow these steps can save your time and also straight to the solution to solve the trouble. It can be very simple to solve when just a little thing isn’t right especially the car is not able start.

Here are the top 10 tips to diagnose car trouble if car break down, car can’t start, or something wrong with the car. An old Chinese saying, “Own a skill is way better than having million dollars”. Learn up these skills and you will not get cheated by untruthful mechanic.

Air conditioning problems

Check the problem symptom. If the air conditioning blow hot air and the air are not cold although you have turn on the cooler, it could due to lack of air conditioning gas. If the air-condition not blowing any air at all, it is mostly the air-condition blower is not working. Check the wiring and also the blower itself.

Alignment problems

There are ways to check if the alignment is having problem. Easiest way is to drive the car in straight way and put the steering wheel in straight position. If the alignment is good the car will keep go straight. The alignment is giving trouble if the car slightly moves to left or right. Test this in low speed! Alternatively, send the car to any tire shops or alignment shop to check it with computers.

Brakes problems

Grinding sounds, car hardly stop, and car slipped down although the e-brake applied are all the signs of brake problems. Check the brake pads, brake linings, brake pumps, brake fluids, and e-brake cable.

Diagnose power steering problems

If the power steering stiff sometimes while driving, you will need to check the car. Most probably is the power steering pump fault.

Diagnose cooling problems

If your car temperature meter always show hot (e.g over 80 degree), check every radiator host to see if it has worn. Open the radiator cap (Do this when the car is not hot!) and see if the coolant is dirty. If yes you will need to flush the cooling system.

Gear box and transmission problems

The symptoms of transmission problems are transmission fluids leaking, slipping of transmission, hard to change gear, or the car jerking when changing gear. Check the fluids level or replace the leaking. It is recommended to send it to professional for if the car is having transmission problems.

Identify car engine problems

There are a lot of reasons if a car engine can’t start. Click here to diagnose the trouble in detail – car engine won’t start.

Diagnose fuel system problems

If a car runs initially but it shakes and then stalls, it could be the fuel system problems. Nowadays most of the car is running fuel injection system. This could be one of the electronic sensors is gone bad and it cause the ECU not function properly to calculate the amount of fuel the car need.

Smoking problems

White smokes from your exhaust means anti-freeze burning in the piston cylinder. The reason why white smoke coming out from the exhaust is a cracked head, blown head gasket, or cracked cylinder block. If the exhaust fume color is black, it means the fuel system giving too much fuel and not enough air in the combustion chamber. it also means the car need tuning! If the smoke color is gray, it means the brake master cylinder is bad. In conclusion, things will be easier if you diagnose from the symptoms.


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