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Ford Escape problems and complaints have been discussed among Ford Escape owners from around the world through cars forum, internet, as well as Ford Escape club. All these car problems from different source has been collected and shared here in one short. These Escape models are from the first generation which released back in year 2001 until 2007, and second generation which released in year 2008 until present.

First generation 2001 until 2007

1. Transmission problems

Ford Motor Company recalls on 2004 and 2006 for the transmission issue. The first recall is for model 2001 – 2003 Ford Escape where the problem is on certain sport utility car equipped with 3.0L V6 engine, the engine could stall during deceleration.

2. Interior car accessories problems

Most of the Ford Escape owner complaints that the CD player ate CD and they send it back to the dealership and get it fixed. Car CD player eject problems often happened to the model Escape XLT V6. There is also some suggestions said that the interior materials could be better with the market price.

3. Electrical problem

Well, this is not really a major problem, but there is some complaints about the 2002 Ford Escape where the problem are such as car radio comes on by itself, cruise control come by itself, the central door lock jammed and not able to open…etc. If you are a Ford owner and you are familiar with wiring, you may need the free ford wiring diagrams.

4. Engine failure

Not much of complaints from Escape owner about engine failure. But most of the complaints are from the model Ford Escape XLT 2.3 L 4 cylinders, mainly engine failure. Try to check this out if your car engine won’t start, it might not due to any engine failure.

5. Seat belts and air bags problems

The airbag lights have been blinking on and off… Sometimes the lights came on and not go off at all.

Second generation 2008 until present

No doubt the Ford Escape could anytime beat any other same category sweet cars in the market, but there are still some complaints even though the second generation has already got more improvement.

1. Transmission problems

Again the transmission problems had received quite a number of complaints on the lurches into gear. It is said that sometimes the car fails to move in drive or reverse even though the gear stick has been push to ‘D’ or ‘R’. (D is drive and R is reverse, check out learning to drive a car to know more about transmission)

2. Excessive tire noise

Continental tires on the Escape bring excessive noisy sound and vibration. The major problem is Ford do not cover tiresproblem under warranty.

3. Engine problems

There is a small amount of complaints that the car engine stalls but this has only happened to a small group of people. There is some other issue where some opinion said that the car ignition switch location is not located at the best place.

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There is no perfect car, usually there are some minor problems and all these is common issue for most of the car, do check out problems with Audi a4 too, nothing to compare to Ford Escape problems.

Ford Escape


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