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Cost to own a car vs. Cost to take taxi

Most of the people who depend on public transport in their daily life may think about getting a car for their own. Anyone can purchase a cheap car with low maintenance cost, low monthly car payment, as well as low cost car insurance. However, does one really need an own car when the public transport is so convenience at such low cost? Here we did a calculation based on a case study in Thailand.
In Thailand, the taxi is 35 baht once you get on it, every km after the first …

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Build your own car online

Here is your delicious place to build your own car online and design your car online based on what you want without have to spend a single penny to build what you want. You can choose a basic car you like, change the body color with just one click, add customized wheels to your own car, lowered it, try on different kind of air brush on the car, add spoiler, body kit, exhaust system, sound system, and any kind of customization you can imagine to do with the car here …

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Make your own car

Here is the best chance to make your own car with virtual software and games. You can make your own sweet custom car and save it to your computer. The choices a vary if you are planning to make a very own car, you can customize your own car, build your own kit cars or build an electric car. Anyway, here we share you the virtual games where you can see the appearance of the car virtually before you start any actual work on the actual car.

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California: car insurance rights to chose own body repair

Here is the information for California car insurance rights to choose own body repair if there is any car accident happen in California. If you wish to choose your own body repair shop you will have to read through the car insurance rights in California. Off course and the answer is yes, you can choose your own body repair shop. Here we shared you 3 easy steps to deal with the insurance company.

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Build your dream car

Here you can build your dream car online using virtual software. You can build any cars you always dream about by choosing the make, model, and model year. The online virtual software allows you to build a car according to what your preference. These have included car accessories, after market parts, air brush, body color, wheel size, and among others. Eventually it helps to save up a lot of time and money because it allows you to see how the car will look like before you put the design to …

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Rent to own cars

What is rent to own cars? It is an idea to rent your own car and it will be yours when last payment cleared. Here we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of having these kind of cars. The rent-to-own program has become common in many states like Louisiana, San Diego, Florida, Houston, California, and among others. It usually brings benefits for people with very little budget but wish to own a car, people with bad credit car loans, bad financial record, as well as some people that need a …