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1970 Morris Mini K sold for AUD $5,000

A 1970 Morris Mini K posted by minispares on eBay has just sold for AUD $5,000. Non-mini lovers may shout “What? $5,000 dollars? I can buy a used Mercedes-Benz C Class in Australia with that amount of money” Let us tell you how and why it worth that amount of money.

The first reason that this green Morris Mini attracted 22 bids across the country is because it is well-kept in an original yet unmolested condition. It was kept by a mini lover in Sydney, NSW Australia. It is powered by …

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Morris Mini Cooper S 1275 MKI

This is a Morris Mini Cooper S MKI with 1275s engine from Japan. The photo is shared from ALEC Classic MINI. MKI Morris Mini Cooper S was built from 1964 to 1967. The Original price during that time was £778. Hydrolastic suspension were added to the car from 1964 and the dashboard comes with a 130mph central speedometer as the car is able to go faster. Today, more than half of these cars have been killed and sold as junk. Some of them have been dissected and their parts are sold …

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Leyland Mini Race Engine 1425cc

Make: Mini (Classic)
Model: Leyland
Year: 2010
Location of this car: Tasmania, Australia

Come across this engine on a Mini Clubman in Australia and it is really great to share.
Professionally built 1425cc Cross Flow mini engine
Dyno results: 100.3bhp at the wheels

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BMC, MG & Morris Engine Codes

Have you learned to read engine code before you buy a Mini Cooper? Here you can download the BMC, MG as well we Morris engine code reference. I obtained the information from several source and I have made it into one. Is is now available at Malaysiaminilover.com. This list cover the 1936 Morris engines, and the 1952 to 1990 BMC/BMH/BL/Austin Rover ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ series engines you will find in the companies cars.