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BMC, MG & Morris Engine Codes


Have you learned to read engine code before you buy a Mini Cooper? Here you can download the BMC, MG as well we Morris engine code reference. I obtained the information from several source and I have made it into one. Is is now available at Malaysiaminilover.com. This list cover the 1936 Morris engines, and the 1952 to 1990 BMC/BMH/BL/Austin Rover ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ series engines you will find in the companies cars.

 It is intended to help identification of an engine. Here you can find the Austin Cooper S engine code that been created by John Cooper in the 60’s rally race. Probaly the engine type and code from the Mini in The Italian Job 1969?

Usually for all the model from 1936 to 1956, the engine code consists of four letters, followed by the engines number.

For example:

  • XPAG 1250cc MG TB OHV engine 11HP.
  • XPJM 1140cc Morris 10/4 ohv engine 10HP.
  • XPJW 1140cc Wolseley 10/40 ohv engine 10HP.
  • USHM 918cc Morris Minor MM SV engine 8HP.

From 1947 to 1981, BMC produce ‘B’ Series engine where the first real ‘B’ series was born in 1953. With the arrival of Austin based ‘A’ & ‘B’ series amongst those used, a system of engine ‘cc’ was added. It basically followed the post 1956 system, but put ‘BP’ infront to denote ‘B’ series, ‘P’ush rod ohv. The first car to use the ‘B’ series was the M.G. Magnette ZA, in 1489cc form, in 1953. The earlier Austin A40 Devon 1200cc unit was that developed into this later 1489cc and 1200cc ‘B’.

For example: 

  • BP15M was a 1489cc Morris Oxford.
  • BP15GA was the ZA Magnette of 1489cc.

‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ Series engine Prefix comes between 1956 until 1970, The ‘BP’ prefix was dropped once BMC had its three engine types, A, B, and C. Again, there is a prefix, consisting of a number, then letter/letter/letter, then the engine number.

For example:

  • 15W / U / H 1234 1489cc Wolseley 15/50, central gear change, high comp.
  • 15GE / U / H 1234 1489cc M.G. Magnette Mk3, central gearchange, high comp.

Some of the engine even is specially created for police specs. 

After 1970 the system was again changed, and simple types were just numbered. It is pretty much simple such as 85 is for 848cc engine, 99 is for 998cc engine, 12 is for 1275cc…etc.

More types of engine code are created during the past especially for BMC ‘B’ series engine that has been used from 1953 until 1981. Here you can refer the detail in the PDF file.

A very much interesting engine code list is BMC ‘A’ series engine that from 1952 until 1999 and it is created for Austin model, MG, Morris Mini, Mini Moke, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, 1275GT, Mini Wolseley, Hornet, Riley… etc. Not to forget it still being fitted to the 1275cc Mini as 12HE……………….( 1999)

An example of picture above shows the engine code is 12A460/J6070. This engine is a late Austin Cooper models 1275cc engine. 

BMC like many firms did an exchange scheme for worn engines, one was the Gold Seal engine, a complete engine ready to fit and painted gold in color. The other was the Silver Seal exchange engine, basically a short-block for the owner/garage to fit the old head, sump, and ancillories onto.

I do hope this list will be useful for those who wanted to go for original valuable Mini Cooper or Mini Cooper S that comes with the right grant or registration number. Some of the engine codes will hide under the manifold. Do check it properly before you make your purchase.

Click Here To download Zip format:

Malaysiaminilover.com – BMC, MG & Morris Engine Codes.zip


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