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Leyland Mini Race Engine 1425cc


Make: Mini (Classic)
Model: Leyland
Year: 2010
Location of this car: Tasmania, Australia
Leyland Mini Race Engine 1425cc
Come across this engine on a Mini Clubman in Australia and it is really great to share.

Professionally built 1425cc Cross Flow mini engine
Dyno results: 100.3bhp at the wheels

Here is the interesting part.
Contents of engine:

  • Originally 1275LS Block
  • Elder crossflow head, Ported and polished and brought up to current spec
  • 1.5:1 rockers (Minisport brand)
  • Custom made chrome-moly push rods w/yella terra adaptors
  • JE Custom made pistons
  • Corrillo custom made rods/Arp bolts
  • Swift tune end caps
  • 4 bolt main bearing cap
  • 286 Megadyne Scatter cam
  • Isky cam followers (competition spec)
  • Dual valve springs
  • Belt drive vernier timing kit
  • Race prep crank, Cross drilled/Wedged/Nitrided
  • KAD Race Flywheel
  • KAD Pressure Plate
  • AP clutch competition
  • 123 electronic distributor
  • KAD electronic water pump
  • Custom made alloy radiator
  • Earls oil cooler lines to suit mini
  • Setrab oil cooler
  • Earls remote oil filter kit w/thermostat and oil lines
  • 65amp alternator (small)
  • Multi rib drive
  • Brise starter motor
  • Elder intake manifold w/ tuned and paired 40mm dellortos with ram stacks and unifilter
  • Elder Custom made exhaust manifold (Jet coated) w/maniflow exhaust centre exit
  • Rod change unit with bracket
  • One event old heavy duty steering rack
  • Subframe , strengthened and powder coated
  • Heavyduty negative camber arms
  • Hilo front suspension w/springs instead of cones
  • GAZ adjustable shocks
  • brand new front set of Koni race shocks ( Adjustable ) 1675sport
  • KAD adjustable and rose jointed tie rods
  • KAD 6 pot calipers to fit under 10inch wheels
  • Ebc redstuff pads/ Yellowstuff /Greenstuff
  • Eqaul length driveshaft (competition spec)(Pot joints)
  • KAD Pedal box
  • 8 Performance alloy wheels with near new and a few new Dunlop Formula R tyres
  • 4 Hoosier race only circuit tyres
  • KAD 5 speed Dogbox w/Tranx LSD w/equal driveshaft adaptor

The car was used at tarmac rallies in Tasmania and also circuit racing in Adelaide. Quite a torquey and a sound engine!

To build from scratch with all new components the bill would be around $35,000+…
The engine was professionally built and maintained by Rhemac motors, Willaston, SA
Leyland Mini Race Engine 1425cc
Leyland Mini Race Engine 1425cc


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